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Using waterless urinals?

Our Trap filters keep your restroom fresh and the drain lines clean.
Fits Falcon / SLOAN waterfree urinals.

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MB-Active Trap & Universal Trap

Patented for a 100% odor-free functionality. Our filters work with several urinal brands

Patented Three-Way Control

The cover of the integrated MB-Active Cube has three settings which regulate the efficiency of the cube, thereby controlling its service life.

Integrated MB-Active Cube

The integrated MB-Active Cube improves hygiene, reduces deposits, and prevents the inside of the odor trap and the waste pipe from becoming encrusted with organic matter, urine deposits and fats.

Lifecycle indicator

After the MB-Active Cube has dissolved, the red indicator ring signals that the trap has to be changed. Simply, if it's RED, it's DEAD.

Vertically sealing membrane system

The vertical membrane technology guarantees that odors are completely sealed away and it is able to withstand both negative and positive air pressure. It is impossible for gases from the sewage system to escape.

Cleaner. Cheaper. Better.

Urimat is the 'TESLA of Urinals.'

Universal trap for SLOAN / Falcon urinals

MB Active Trap for Urimat plastic urinals

MB Active Trap for Urimat porcelain urinals

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The Original

The only waterless urinal with embedded organic enzymes!

Ceramic compact

eco plus

eco video

MB-Active Cleaner

Organic and PH-neutral

MB Active Cleaner Set

(3x 1Liter bottle concentrate & 1 spray bottle)

MB Active Cleaner canister

(10Liter concentrate 1:20)

MB-Active Cleaner

Organic and PH-neutral

Are you saving water too?

Going waterless pays off. Our customers save millions of gallons of fresh water and save thousands of $$$ in maintenance costs. Every day.

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